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... relaunch is comming soon!

Sorry, but I'm really busy right now,
                        I hope you'll pardon me,
                                             I'll do my best!!!

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Projects I'm working on:
  • <x:act> - Ein Webservice für die Konvertierung von XML-Dokumenten. DL [PDF]
    in: Uhr, W. et al. (Eds.): Wirtschaftsinformatik 2003 − Medien, Märkte, Mobilität
    (Proceedings of the 6th Business Informatics International Congress 2003:
    Media - Markets - Mobility [WI2003], Dresden, Germany),
    Vol 2. Physica, Heidelberg 2003, pp. 143-160.
    (with Peter Buxmann, Robert Barsch, Sven Schade and Erik Wüstner)

    download the paper: x-act_paper.pdf

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